Your favorite watered down thoughts (jthroughn) wrote,
Your favorite watered down thoughts

Absolution for the Day

Forgive me for my record breaking absence from the LJ community. I can't promise to anyone that this post will mark any sudden resurgence of activity under this name but it does satisfy the vacant feeling I get every time I scrutinize outside individual's journals. I now give myself the permission to judge tierney's one-line posts and Danny's long winded ones. I can finally reply to Adri's flattering posts and Alice's degrading ones.

So in the way of budgeting these activities I'll quickly sum up the most recent of recents that had gone unacknowledged in the wake of unposted posts.

Recent optimisms- Adri and her big decisions.
The new songs.
New Page Hamilton band.

Recent Music- Slow Reader
Matt Pond PA
The Life and Times

Recent Movies- 28 Days Later
25th hour

Recent Book- Florida Roadkill

Recent Website-

Favorite childhood gum brand- Bazooka

Favorite Middle School Teacher- Mr. White

Best greeting card cover- Birthday Donkey

Good Childhood Hobby- Model Rockets

No reviews. Just the facts. Consider myself absolved.
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